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Kpower is committed to creating a better life experience, in the car, drive components, robotics, smart home, electric tools, etc. more application fields are the amount which products and services the production of the solution. Smart cars model aircraft RC smart home
  • Smart Car
  • Smart Home
  • 3C Electronics
  • Robots
  • Scientific Agriculture
  • Industrial Automation
  • Electric tools
  • 5G communication
  • Ships/Navigation
5+Product Line Customization Services
Kpower is committed to creating a beautiful life experience, with mass-produced solutions in multiple application fields such as automotive
transmission components, robots, smart homes, and electric tools.
Vehicle drive
Brushless Motor
Geared motor
Full customized
Mounting housing
Ability to provide cost effective, reliable and stable mass production installation solutions based on customer CAS boundaries.
Drive Control Board
Support a variety of motor closed-loop control, supporting CAN/LIN communication, reserved for OTA upgrade interface.
Power unit
Support a variety of brush, brushless, hollow cup, stepper and other DC motor custom selection.
Position sensing
Closing switch Hall, linear Hall, magnetic encoding, grating, etc. a variety of position sensors for precise real-time location of the read.
Reduction mechanism
Support the spur gear, planetary gear, screw, worm gear, Composite Rod, etc. a variety of actuator design and development.
The power of the motor
Communication Protocol
Shaft-out method
Modular drive for customized solutions
Parameters Evaluating
Developing Agreement
Product Design
Software Simulation
Sample Making
Sample Proofing x N
Mold Making
Sample Making
Sample Proofing xN
Parameters Comfirm
Design Lockdown
Purchasing Orders
Mass Production
Product Selection
Parameters Comfirm
Sample Making
Sample Proofing xN
Purchasing Orders
Customized Product
Based on our technological innovation and process accumulation in the field of precision transmission, when standard products cannot meet customer requirements, we will provide fully customized drive products for customers from multiple dimensions such as product performance, environmental reliability, and cost.
Sample Making
After the customer has fully evaluated and approved the design scheme in terms of performance, reliability, and production feasibility, we will freeze the design scheme and use CNC machining to quickly produce prototypes.
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KPower Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and has strong capabilities. We are an intelligent modeling enterprise that integrates research and development, production, and sales of precision transmission systems, motor control systems, and robot actuators. The company has a production and manufacturing site of nearly 35,000m² square meters, providing customers with customized services for transmission scheme design and production assembly.
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