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Smart Home
With the popularization of smart homes, more products are entering the home scene. Weichuang's sensitive and high-power drive system saves space while ensuring the safe operation of all components, helping enterprises produce products that meet the humanized needs of consumers and better cater to the consumer market.
3C Electronics
As more products enter the intelligent track, the demand for consumer electronics in the market is also increasing. In order to meet these demands, the drive device must not only have strong performance, but also have high dynamic, lightweight, and efficient characteristics. The brushless motor script of Weichuang Power has strong power, efficient operation, and excellent controllability, making it an ideal choice for electronic product drive systems.
Our system solution has excellent reliability and extremely high efficiency, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted and safe operation. And considering the space saving system integration method to provide the most ideal solution. Weichuang Power produces a variety of categories and sizes of servo motors with various torques, which can provide one-stop purchasing services for enterprises and meet the different sizes and needs of robots.
Scientific Agriculture
KPower has a steering engine with a maximum torque of 200kg, providing a solution for large-scale mechanization required for agriculture. Weichuang Power provides a sensitive and efficient driving system for enterprises when using drones to evenly sow seeds. The operation methods of new agriculture are diverse, and Weichuang Power can provide solutions for different new agricultural methods.
Industrial Automation
In today's market demand for quality and speed, industrial automation affects the manufacturing process of every enterprise. Industrial production has also gained a new definition. The requirements for quality, efficiency, and flexibility are constantly being elevated to new levels, while also not neglecting costs. Only when all components reach high quality and are compatible with each other can complex electromechanical systems operate better. Weichuang Power can achieve all of this. The drive system of Weichuang Power is suitable for industrial automation. We produce various categories of servo motors, brushless motors, sensors, and controllers, bringing many advantages to customers.
Electric tools
5G communication
Powering The Future
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